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At the Stitzer Sportsman's Club our goal is to ensure that everybody has a good time shooting our course.  If there is anything you think we could do to improve our course please don't hesitate to fill out the contact form and let us know what you think. 

In 2008 the Stitzer Sportman's Club had a raffle.  During the raffle in 2008 we gave away a brand new 2008 bow of your choice between a Hoyt, Mathews and Bow-tech.  We purchased the bow from Gander's Hill Country Archery.  The winner of that bow got to choose which bow they wanted including draw length and L/H or R/H.  We also gave away a new Rinehart target and gift certificates from Cabela's. 

During 2009 we also gave away a 2009 bow of your choice between Hoyt, Mathews, Bow-tech and PSE.  This year we purchased the bow from Hickory Ridge Archery in Bloomington, WI.  This year we also added a new Remington Wingmaster 12 Ga. shotgun that was a Dale Earnhardt special.  We purchased this shotgun at The Angler's Nook in Lancaster, WI.  Finaly we gave away a brand new Moultrie trail camera.  Both raffles were successfull and turned out to be a great addition for the Club. 

In 2010 we had Shooter appreciation year.  After the success of both raffles we decided to give a little back for all the support we recieved in those raffles.  Just by registering to shoot one of our 4 shoots, every shooter registered got their name in a drawing for prizes from places such as Hickory Ridge archery, gander's Hill Country archery and The Angler's Nook.  On the Sunday at the end of every shoot we drew names for the prizes.  You can see who won on our 2010 shoot results.

2011 SSC Winter party turns into a heartfelt memory

                           See story below:

                                    Hunter Safety Education
In 2009 and 2010 the club hosted a hunter safety course for new youth hunters.  There were approximately 30 students in the class.  The class was organized by club member and hunter safety Instructor Travis Wetter.  The class was held in our clubhouse and on the SSC grounds.  The class turned out to be a fun time for the students as well as Instructors.  If you have a child interested in taking hunter safety this year fill out the contact form with your information and hit submit.  You can also contact Club Member Travis Wetter at 608-574-5438 to register your child.  Hurry before the class is full.  We look forward to seeing many new young faces in 2011.

2012 Summer league
We have a summer league that runs from mid May to the end of August.  During the summer league you turn in 10 scores.  There is no specific night to shoot, you just shoot whenever you can as long as you have 10 scores turned in by the end of August.  Our summer league is 30 McKenzie 3-D targets, 15 targets on each half.  You must be a paid SSC member to shoot.  The cost for shooting summer league is $10.00.  If you wuld like to shoot summer league in 2012 or just have questions regarding the league just fill out the contact form and submit your questions.

If you would like us to add a link to your website fill out the contact form and hit submit. 

State Line Archery (click here)

Richland Center Archery (click here)

Dubuque Field Archers (click here)

Clayton County Archers (click here)

Hickory Ridge Archery (click here)

Canterbury Cafe and Rose Garden Florist (click here)

Rinehart Targets (click here)


             -In loving memory of Leonard and Marian Carl-
                                                      Leonard                             Marian
                                                  11-06-1920                     03-30-1925
                                                  02-13-2006                     08-21-1979 


                       -In loving memory of Nicholas Ryan Carl-



2011 SSC winter party turns into a heartfelt memory

At this years winter party the SSC went above and beyond to show their appreciation to 2 very special people.  After many many years of hard work and dedication, the Club presented Mike and Cindy Carl with a very special thank you that they won't soon forget.  Last fall club members wanted to recognize the efforts of Mike and Cindy for all they do at the club inlcuding mowing the grass, patching league targets, ordering all food for shoots, adding and recording shoot scores, building bowhangers and so much more.  The members planned a surprise for the February 19th party.  Back in December Cindy found out that her brother Ron who winters in Texas, has lung cancer.  While unable to travel to see her brother whom they are very close with, Mike and Cindy had to deal with the difficult situation from 1400 miles away at home.  Emails and phone calls to stay in touch were not quite enough so the club members decided to give Mike and Cindy the opportunity to see Ron by giving them an all expense paid trip to Texas to see Ron and his wife Penny.  As you can see in the pictures below the March weather looked great.  The second picture is of Mike and Cindy with Ron and Penny in front of their RV in Rockport, TX.  Mike and Cindy were able to make the trip in mid March.  Once in Texas, they were able to stay 5-6 days and they had a wonderfull time.  The club also gave them a beautifull monument for the front of their home, reccognizing their appreciation for over 30 years of dedicated service to the club.

While Mike and Cindy were on thier way home, Ron and Penny sent a thank you to the club via email reading,  " We want to thank the CLUB for sending my sister and brother-in-law, Mike & Cindy Carl, to Texas to see us.  We greatly enjoyed their company".

Ron & Penny

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